The Everyday Joy’s of Autism Continue On….

I can count on my daughter to point out the beautiful thing’s in everyday life that I pass by without a single thought. We take our walks, and she takes in the colors and shapes of nature like a sponge.  Nothing can get past her wide-open eyes without a show of wonderment and thill in her voice!  She brings the World to me and anyone else who happens to be with us at the moment.  Autism seems to come with an extraordinary acute sense of hearing. (Maybe that is why she has always had a difficult time sleeping?) Along with her acute sense of hearing, she has always had the ability to see life in a unique way. Her creativity must come from her extra sensory gifts. In the past twenty-four hours she has pointed out to me two beautiful Monarch butterflies, a family of Bunnies in our backyard, and a large cricket climbing up our garage door….all of which I had been completely oblivious to! Everyday, she shows me how to see life in a new and special way.   Now I look forward to her observations, especially her excitement and wonder! If  it was not for my daughter’s “challenges,” my life not be so rich with the daily simple  joys of life!


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